What are the opening hours of the band house?

Opening hours: From 11am To 7pm Monday To Friday And Saturday 1pm To 4pm

How can I contact the band house?

Contact us via phone – (868) 222-2405.
Contact us via email – info@passioncarnival.com.
Contact us on Facebook – Passion Carnival.
Contact us on Instagram – PassionCarnival.

Where can the costumes be viewed?

Our costumes can be viewed at the band house located at 12 O’Connor Street Woodbrook or online at www.passioncarnival.com.

How do I register for a costume for Carnival 2017?

Visit/Contact us at the band house or contact any committee members for details.

What does the Passion 2017 Carnival Package include?

  1. Easy and efficient costume collection and delivery service.
  2. Customized gift bags for your group containing on the road essentials and exciting novelty items from our exclusive sponsors.
  3. Delicious freshly prepared meals (breakfast, lunch, dessert and afternoon snack meal on both days).
  4. Fully stocked Ultra-Premium bar on both days (whisky, rum, vodka, beer, shots, wine, Prosecco, juices (orange, grapefruit, pineapple, fruit punch, cranberry etc), water, soda (coca cola, sprite, club soda etc), coconut water, energy drinks (red bull, monster), ginger ale and many more options ) Champagne will also be offered on Tuesday evening as we approach the finale and our exclusive after party as masqueraders end the evening in style. Any special requests for your group regarding alcohol of choice can be facilitated as well once we are made aware beforehand. Our bar service is excellent and offers our masqueraders immediate and efficient attention upon request. Our alcohol options include Johnnie Walker Black scotch whisky, Dewar’s scotch whisky, Grey Goose vodka, Absolut vodka, Tito’s vodka, Ciroc vodka, El Dorado rum, Angostura 1919 rum, White Oak rum, Black label rum, Forrest Park puncheon rum, Baileys, tequila, patron, café patron, Jagermeister, beers (Carib, Stag, Heineken, Carib Pilsner, Heineken light), wines (yellow Tail), Prosecco, champagne and other options.
  5. On the road washroom facilities and ‘touch up’ vanity trailers that are fully staffed.
  6. STRICT SECURITY for the entire duration of carnival Monday and Tuesday. You can rest assured that your experience will be a safe and enjoyable one. Passion has always prided itself in having the top security provider in the industry with no history of incidents on the road.
  7. A fully organized ‘rest stop’ on both days – here we cater for our masqueraders every need during our lunch break including full meals , make up and massage stations , cool zones , refreshments , blankets , washroom facilities and other ammenities.
  8. The best in sound quality, VIP trailer for your group’s requirements, rest trailers, air conditioned buses, music trucks, special effects including Co2 canons, confetti guns and ambient lighting with strobes and lasers for the evening session and after party on Tuesday evening.
  9. Top DJs and Soca artists as well as a list of foreign celebrities to bring the vibes as we party and enjoy this amazing experience.
  10. After party where our masqueraders will experience the final climax and ‘wind down’ after the experience that is Trinidad Carnival.
  11. Media , both local and international as well as exclusive Passion photographers and videographers to ensure that these exciting memories can be treasured for a lifetime to come. Photos and videography will be made available to our masqueraders once they have been edited to ensure quality.

What do I need to register?

Ladies – Bra size, Hip measurement (inches), Bottom piece size. (if available – bra option and bottom piece option, (i.e., bra, monokini or regular bikini, boy shorts, thong).

Men – Waist size (inches), and T-shirt size.

Down payment must be made with registration, contact the band house for more info.

How can I pay for my costume?

We accept cash, credit cards and linx payments at our mas camp.

Do you have a fast track service?

All our customers are treated with equal urgency and our service is efficient and prompt.

How do I collect my Passion Carnival 2017 Carnival Package?

The distribution schedule will be posted on the website, social media sites and emailed to masqueraders. Costume packages must be paid in full before/on the day of distribution, before collection. Masqueraders must walk with ID and the registration letter confirming payment. A delivery service will be available for customers who are unable to collect.